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No Boundaries 5K Training

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*** For Fall 2020 which begins October 5, 2020, the program will only be offered at KingsPointe Village and Broken Arrow locations. No groups will be offered at the Blue Dome location for this session.
No Boundaries is a coached & organized group training program aimed at 1) those who are coming off the couch and wish to learn to run or walk for fitness and 2) those who have already successfully completed a 5K and wish to improve their experience. Your goal event is a 5K race (3.1 miles). Fleet Feet has over 10 years of experience in offering an organized and coached 5K running and walking program. The continued success of our graduates is proof that our programs are effective at getting you to your goal - and creates lifelong friends along the way!

Membership Terms
Contract Length: 53 day(s)
Attendance: Unlimited classes
Begin Date: Oct 5, 2020
End Date: Nov 27, 2020
Enrollment End Date: Oct 31, 2020
Payment Terms
Price: $79.00

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First Installment  $79.00

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